SPA Protest Gathering Against Treaty With Gulbuddin Rocketyar

‎‎SPA Protest Gathering Against Treaty With Gulbuddin Rocketyar

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22 September 2016: A number of Solidarity Party’s member and Kabul citizens staged a protest gathering against “peace” treaty with bloodthirsty Gulbuddin. The protestors chanted slogans, expressing they will never forgive Gulbuddin and his crime partners, adding that his arrival will have no benefit for our people but to complete the ring of the criminals within the government. The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) realizes that the real peace only in prosecution and depowering of criminals. In past SPA has expressed its voice against other fundamentalist warlords.

Selay Ghaffar, Spokesperson of SPA, during her speech said that “peace” treaty with Gulbuddin, a back-stage deal of US government:

“We must know that bringing Gulbuddin, the hated figure, traitor, bloodthirsty and stinky corpse, is a behind-the-scene program of US Government. During the last 40 years, this ISI’s hand-grown face, was the best serving minion of CIA, now to further implement their neo-colonial strategies, can’t find a better treacherous and dirty tool than Gulbuddin. The US and Nato are once again hugging this executioner party to use them for the last time against our people. If this party was committing crime illegally against our people, today like other warlords, will continue with their crimes in legal form.”

During the protest, a number of Hezb-e-Islami members tried to stopped the gathering, threating the protestors. However, the protestors didn’t allow them to continue.

At the end of the protest, Ms. Ghaffar added:

“Any kind of wheeling dealing with Rocketyar and other war criminals, is a betrayal against our people and stepping on the basic human rights. Peace is never possible by sacrifice of justice. As the forgiveness and installation of criminals in high official posts in the last 15 year, converting Afghanistan into further slaughter ground and corrupt country, joining of Gulbuddin will further destroy our country.”


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