Afghanistan Electronic ID card: A National or American Project?

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Sample of Afghan electronic ID Card

A few months back, rumors of electronic ID card covered everywhere. The Afghan Government, especially Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MC&IT) called it “a big achievement”; members of parliament and senate attacked each other on the face to mention or not to mention the ethnic information on the ID cards; but the point that no one paid attention to, is the hidden aspects of this “big success”: who uses the information of Afghan citizens which come through the ID cards?

Apparently, the electronic ID card project, which works via Electronic ID Card Distribution Authority, was started in 2008 by MC&IT & later on Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) also joined the project. To display it as national project, at start it was announced that its budget will be funded from Afghan Government Development Budget. Later, MoIA wrote on its website that International Community will provide USD115 million, covering 95% of the project’s budget.


The Masses of Pakistan and Afghanistan Have a Common Affliction and a Common Enemy

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King
Terrorist attack on school children in Peshawar

In the wake of blind suicide bombings and carnage of our innocent people, the recent horrifying massacre of school children in Peshawar fills the heart of every feeling and conscientious human being with immense sorrow. The ruthless killing of some 150 innocent children and the wounding of over 130 others by the Taliban barbarians have revealed for the thousandth time the depth of the depravity of these anachronistic monsters.

Notwithstanding the fact that the targeted school had been established by the Pakistani Army, to the best of our understanding children of the poorest layers of society were studying there. The victims of this incident were youngsters with childhood dreams, unacquainted with prejudice or discrimination, who had no role in the ongoing events of their society. They by no means deserved such a horrendous fate.


Let Us Support the Epic Resistance Put Up by Kobani!

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YPJ Female Fighter

Since many weeks the indomitable people of Kobani, including women and men, old and young, have been standing heroically and stalwartly against the hordes of ignorance and terror. Such steadfastness has gained them the support of freedom-loving and upstanding peoples around the world. There have been widespread demonstrations of solidarity with the defenders of Kobani in all major cities of the world, despite the fact that the so-called free world and the western media have largely ignored them.

What makes the Kobani movement an outstanding and awe-inspiring example to the world is the presence of armed women, veritable lionesses, in the forefront of the battles. Those determined women, aware of their place in legend and in history, fearless, hearts brimming with love, stand, fight and die side by side with their men, but will not give up their homeland to stone-age murderers. The radiant example of Kurdish women in Kobani is a great lesson in love of country and of humanity for all captive nations enthralled by puppet regimes, especially for organizations of freedom-loving women. A people united will never be defeated!


We Can Overcome The Occupiers And Their Minions Through Our Unity And Insurrection!

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Injured child by NATO air strike in Kunar

Thirteen years have been passed since the occupation of Afghanistan by US invaders and its allies. The occupation was conceived through the sanguinary conspiracy of 9/11; it started with the thunder of B52s flying under UN and NATO flags and reached its ultimate goal with the signing of the enslavement document by US minions in the Afghan Presidential Palace. During the traitorous Bonn conference and under the convenient excuse of the “war on terror”, restoring “democracy”, “human rights” and “reconstruction”, the US imposed the tried and tested enemies of our nation, which it had trained over a lifetime, on the bruised shoulders of our people. The result has been multiple re-run episodes of bloodshed, devastation, rapacity, poverty, and flourishing barbarism. The occupation only fattened a bunch of felons and traitors to the motherland and converted them into billionaires.

Only a few months after the onslaught, the US administration announced that terrorism had been defeated and the Taliban had been consigned to the dustbin of history. However, after the passage of 13 years, this ignorant vampire group has re-emerged, stronger than before, in 32 out of 34 provinces of the country and daily terrorize our people and commit untold atrocities.


Poverty and Vagrancy Can Be Seen in Khadem Hussain’s Face

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Khadem Hussain

Khadem Hussein, an elderly 75 year old man, is one of the Yakawlang’s poorest famers who has spent most of his life in working on fields in order to find piece of bread for his family of six people. Recently due to decrease in price of the harvest he was forced to leave his village to go to the city of Bamiyan just like thousands of other families.

Khadem Hussain currently lives in the valley of Azhdar in a house without walls and water. He said that he came to the city in hope of finding a piece of bread but the situation in the city is even worse than his village. Hussain was forced to take two of his younger sons off school to work with him. Now they are working in a brick making factory.


Safa Has Gone, But his Path Will Continue!

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Safa Ahmad

Safa Ahmad, 17, who had tasted the bitter taste of poverty, was trying to learn tirelessly to serve his people. His passion and love for a better future was so high which didn’t match his age. But unfortunately, the criminals, who are used weapon, and trying to control the pride the human beings in everywhere and can’t tolerate ambitious people like Safa, killed him during a verbal quarrel, to stop the plant of freedom to grow up.

Safa Ahmad (23 June 1997 – 27 July 2014), studied in grade 11 and one of the active youths of SPA, was killed by three vagrants. Solidarity Party of Afghanistan – SPA expresses its condolences to Safa’s family, friends and all SPA members and sympathizers for the martyrdom of this indomitable and conscious youth, and is resolute to change the sorrows into the power.


The “Gaza” that is Afghanistan and Gaza, Palestine, Drown in Fire and Blood While the Oppressors Regale and Plunder!

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SPA protest against attacks on Gaza and Urgoon

Everywhere in Afghanistan and Palestine, the blood of defenseless people runs in rivulets. With every passing day we witness unspeakable atrocities. Undoubtedly, cannibal neo-colonialists lurk behind every man-made calamity and destruction in the world and prolong their nefarious existence through war-mongering and the plunder of other nations. In the midst of all this, the so-called free world not only has and continues to keep silent in the face of massacres by the Taliban and the Zionists, it covertly provides weapons and other resources to the murderers too.

Since many years, the Gaza that is Afghanistan and Gaza, Palestine –sharing a common nature and a common fate– have been victimized by systemic conspiracies of western and regional powers. We call on the wakeful conscience of the people of the world to rise up against this wave of undisguised fascism and oppression which is taking the world towards animalistic barbarism, before it devours them too.


The Elections Are a Mockery of Democracy with the Participation of Criminals

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Gulbuddin and Qutubudin: two faces of a single coin.

The bragging and boasting and lies of the eleven presidential candidates are continuously streamed by the media these days. The people with such grave and notorious pasts are trying to prove themselves as national figures who are looking for the best interest of their motherland, and these acts fill everyone with rage and hatred. The infected media is also taking these childish games seriously and are trying to keep the hype of the elections ablaze. The major media outlets are broadcasting the censored and well-rehearsed views of the people to poison the public opinion. They portray the people as if they are drowning in happiness for the presidential elections and are restlessly counting down to the day of voting. With slogans like ‘let’s build a bright future  by participating in the elections’, ‘your vote, your future’, ‘one vote will determine your future’, they are trying to brainwash our people into believing that after the April 5th elections the doors of paradise will open for the Afghanistan and its people, and our country will find the road to building its future.

But the truth is that our people are tired and fed up of these repetitive and deceptive games and have understood better than those inert, Dollar-receiving analysts that they can have no expectations of ‘change’, ‘transition’, ‘reform’, ‘prosperity’, and other cheap slogans raised by these candidates as our people know them very well. When you talk to people, you hear things that show the depth of their understanding of these trickeries, but we cannot find our nation’s true words in the mainstream media. Our people have learned from experience that elections in the presence of criminals who have already given their trial and failed, who are traitors, corrupt and destroyers of our country will not change anything to benefit the people. If you talk to people in villages and cities and markets you will hear things like ‘the person the US wants will win’, ‘the next president has already been chosen’, and ‘I will not waste my time by voting’, hundreds of times.


The Demagogic Hue and Cries of 2014 Achieved Its Objectives

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Obama and Karzai

In the last decade of 20th century, on 1st January 2000, there was a lot of hue and cry about an unpredictable technical fault in computerized systems, all the computer networks were failing and foreseen to have dire consequences: the water and electricity distribution systems, railways, airlines, lifts and postal systems have been disrupted and people may face serious problems and even cause death of some individuals. This coding problem, famously named Y2K was so propagated and hyped about that people of the developed countries, gripped in fear and terror, started storing food and water.

The big corporations manufacturing computer equipments fanned these rumors the most and encouraged people to buy new computer products devoid of this problem and prepare themselves for the year 2000 and in this way, the capitalist giants made huge profits.

On 1st January 2000, most people stayed indoors to avoid any unpredictable accidents, but practically no signs of the hyped and falsely predicted catastrophes were seen, and the day went fine.


Ms. Sima Samar Forgives the ‘Sanguinary Executioners’

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Sima Samar: Forgive War Criminals

Recently, Sima Samar, chairperson of the Afghanistan (non)Independent Human Rights Commission requested the victims of the past three decades of war to forgive the war criminals. She made this plea when the death list of 5000 victims of the treacherous Russian stooges had been released, and had left the families and relatives in deep sorrow. She made this appeal at a time when a dozen of the worst perpetrators and cause of the demolishment and murder of our oppressed people, have queued in the elections to take over Arg – presidential palace, and prepared to straddle our people once more.

These criminals with their blood-stained hands and grave past, claim to be heroes and are not even ready to fake an apology to our people. They can only be forgiven by people who were their partners in crime or whose consciences have been bought by the money paid by the war criminals or their foreign masters. Ms. Samar should know that the false apologies of these criminals will never be accepted by our people. One of them issues a so-called apology and then expects the people to accept him as a vice-president!


The Assault of Pakistani Govt. on Kunar Is Devilish Plot of US!

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Attack on Kunar by Pakistani Army

Besides other various calamities in Afghanistan, the shelling of hateful Pakistani Army is a threat to residents of eastern provinces especially to defenseless people of Kunar and has put their life and possessions at risk. The terrorist-raising government of Pakistan that seeks its existence in the regional unrest, on the indications of its western masters, has stepped ahead to evacuate the area through their destructive air assaults to provide safe haven for raising the ignorant Taliban.

The corrupt government of Kabul, a mixture of proxies, are watching the crimes and rascality of Pakistani regime against our people and have adopted deadly silence against their offensives. The palace-dwellers, who have many disclosed scandals with Pakistani Generals, are giving some dogmatic statements, asking eastern border forces to be on alert, and providing a mouthful bit to their self-made media, and in this way walk out of their responsibility.

The hateful government of Pakistan, led by Nawaz Sharif and partners, are continuing with their yesterday’s dogmatic policies against their own people and the region, and are walking alongside the devilish footsteps of CIA ad MI6. This reactionary and filthy government, alike the blood-sucker regime of Iran, has always misused the back-breaking poverty, deprivation and triviality of the wretched refugees as cannon fodder and destructive tools to empower fundamentalism and wilderness in Afghanistan and in the region. The Pakistani Government, by relying on a bunch of Afghan traitors and hateful gangs of Gulbuddin, Mullah Omar, Haqani and etc, is trying to keep the unfortunate Afghanistan in their political, economic, cultural and even military captivity for many years. The Pakistani administration are now trying to deliver success to the warlords’ team, headed by Abdullah, in the elections, and once again install their yesterday’s down-to-earth slaves in the power.


Report of SPA's Medical Team in Argo - Badakhshan

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Argo – Badakhshan is crying blood!

SPA Medical Team In Argo - Badakhshan

On 2 May 2014, a pair of mudslides occurred in Aab Barik Village, Argo District, Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, where initial reports said that 350 people were killed and 2,500 were missing. Although millions of dollar cascaded into Afghanistan, filling the pockets of criminal warlords’ pocket to buy luxury villas in Palm Islands – Dubai. ANDMA (Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority) headed by Karim Khalil a brutal warlord from Hezb-e-Wahdat and currently second vice-president and a billionaire, simply announced that we don’t have the facilities to remove the dirt and rescue possible survivors and find dead ones.

On 5th May 2014, a volunteer medical team of SPA’s, 20 personnel composed of doctors and health workers and assistants, along with medical packages rushed to Badakhshan to help the survivors. We also sent an appeal to our supporters and members in Afghanistan and abroad, requesting for urgent action to help. It worth mentioning that our appeal was very well-received by the generous individuals. Most of them replied us within few hours, expressing their condolences and support. SPA thanks them for their continuous support!


Protestors denounce communist, Taliban regimes

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SPA Demonstration Condemning Dark Days of 8th and 7th Saur - 28th and 27th April

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Afghanistan Solidarity Party (ASP) on Friday denounced the communist and Taliban regimes as well as the mujahideen for the country’s destruction.

The party staged a rally, attended by a thousand people, in front of the Russian Embassy in Kabul, against the 1978 coup and the subsequent Soviet occupation of the country.

The People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan came to power as a result of the coup that resulted in the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, which faced fierce resistance from the people.

Years of jihad and great sacrifice eventually led to the expulsion of the Soviet forces from Afghanistan in February 1989. Three years later, Afghan political parties agreed on the Peshawar Accords which established the Islamic State of Afghanistan and appointed an interim government.


7th and 8th Saur: Celebration for Criminals, National Mourning Day for Our People!

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8th Saur Statement

7th and 8th Saur – 27th and 28th April, are the shameful scares in our calendar, that followed more than three decades wilderness, destruction, deprivation, and collapse of all economic, cultural and social infrastructure of our country. But still the criminal of Khalqi-Parchami and the blood-sucker ignorant Tanzimis as the perpetrators of brutalities of the history, are ruling on the fate of our nation. They have put an scar on our national prosperity and pride by selling our motherland many times, but they themselves are enjoying their cozy life.

Our people sacrificed and tolerated miseries to crush the Russian invaders and their minions but unfortunately prosperity and security didn’t realized, and the price of poured blood was stolen on 8th Saur – 28th April by made-in Pakistan and Iran Tanzimi – fundamentalist parties’ leaders. In lieu of celebration, our people set in mourn of their loved ones. The destructive factional wars, assault of nation’s assets and honor and warlordism destroyed the eco-politics infrastructure of Afghanistan. Kabul became a blood bath. They massacred more than 70,000 Kabulis, and committed such wilderness that people still have them in their nightmares. The puppet regime of Karzai and his warlord brothers, without any  contrition and shame, are calling 8th Saur as “National Celebration”, which indeed is an insult to the blood of tens of thousands of our compatriots and covering the shocking crimes, that neither can be forgotten nor be erased from memories. The dark day of 8th Saur, not only squandered the anti-Russian resistance, but smoothed the path for further destruction and made the ground ready for capture of country by middle ages’ army, Taliban, and filthy governments of Pakistan, Iran, US and tens of other countries.


Afghanistan: The Democratic Crisis

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Afghanistan Election

The question remains, what exactly is democracy? In the abstract liberal democratic sense what is occurring, what has been occurring in Afghanistan has been foremost non-existent. Parliamentarians specifically, Malalai Joya have been silenced by the government in Afghanistan (The Northern Alliance) and have received death threats by the Karzai clique. In Afghanistan, the majority of parliament has been made up of former human rights abusers and warlords who have been guilty of various crimes, their rise to power is distinct through their not-so-kosher economic interests which includes the opium trade in Afghanistan. What has been given to Afghanistan in the past 13 years, is not democracy even in the abstract sense. It is an illusion of such rife with corruption and anti-democratic suppression.

In the case of Afghanistan, what has not been offered has not been democracy. It has been a riggery of elections, the Karzai clique turning Afghanistan into a narco-state protected by US force, warlordism sponsored by NATO and with the inverse Islamic fundamentalists. There is something to note about the Northern Alliance: The Northern Alliance were notoriously corrupt which is the reason that during the inner conflict between the Mujahideen, the Northern Alliance lost territory to the Taliban due to the fact of pedophilia involving young boys, rapes and extortion. When the Taliban took control of the majority of Afghanistan these things disappeared, yet, the brutality of the Taliban much like their Mujahideen counterparts in Afghanistan was still present. Twelve years on from the occupation, the conditions still remain the same with the same forces of the Northern Alliance, ever so corrupt exploiting the Afghan people in line with their NATO backers.


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